October,1934 Baba Manufacturing Co. founded in Minatoku,Osaka.
Started manufacturing and distributing valve cock products.
October,1935 The Head Office was moved to 2 chome Fukaenaka Higashinari-ku, Osaka.
October,1941 Joined a industrial union
April,1947 Transferred membership to Daito Business Uni
November,1953 Established incorporation Trade name:Naniwa Manufacturing Company Ltd.
Head Office adress: 6-24 Itachibori Minamidori Nishiku Osaka.
Capital: 1.5 Million yen ($4.167 $1=360yen)
March,1961 Capital increase: 2.5 Million yen ($6,944 $1=360yen)
August,1969 Fukae plants was newly built.
April,1969 Appointed to a JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) certified plants.
October,1973 Capital increase: 4 Million yen ($16,000 $1=250yen)
January,1975 Casting Department Completed the pollution control equipment standardized by Osaka city.
May,1975 Obtained the inspection factory permission No. Q-38 from Japan Water Association
November,1975 Capital increase: 6 Million yen ($27,273 $1=220yen)
Docember,1975 Applied for the patent of new design for practical use of the flexible corporation cock.
May,1977 Yanmar Industry Corporation Exclusively contracted store for Yanmar mixed water faucets
December,1978 The head office was moved 5-5-16 Itachibori Nishiku Osaka.
May,1980 Yanmar Diesel Company Ltd. awarded the company for improved quality and streamlining of delivery control. system.
May,1989 Obtained the patent of new design for practical use of Bar Balance(USA).
December,1991 Capital increase : 10 Million yen ($80,000 $1=120).
October,1993 Administrative office was newly added to Fukae plants.
October,1995 Fukae plants Annex was newly built..
Set up R&D office and a laboratory on the 3dr floor of the building.
January,2000 JIS certified factory
November,2002 50 year's anniversary of the foundation.
February,2004 ISO14001
October,2005 ISO9001
August,2007 The Head Office was moved 2-5-4 Fukaeminami Higashinariku Oosaka
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